City Aggregation Programs

City of Marion - A Guide to Natural Gas and Electric Aggregation Programs

Electric and Natural Gas Aggregation

In the late 1990s the Ohio Legislature deregulated the electric and natural gas industries permitting consumers to choose their suppliers of the electricity component and natural gas component delivered by Ohio Edison and Columbia Gas of Ohio.  Under Ohio law, the voters of the City of Marion, Ohio by a vote at the ballot box created the City of Marion, Ohio Electric Aggregation Program and, later, by a vote created the City of Marion, Ohio Natural Gas Program.

The City of Marion Programs have operated in the form of a “Guaranteed Savings” offer by indexing the Program price that participants pay against the price offered by Ohio Edison and Columbia Gas of Ohio.

Given the extremely turbulent energy markets at this point in time, the experts working with Marion on our aggregation program have determined the best course of action for both Programs is to “fall back” to the electric and natural gas components being provided by Ohio Edison and Columbia Gas of Ohio.

As it has always been the case, residents may choose the company who supplies their electricity component and/or their natural gas component on their own.  The best source of current pricing is available is at

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the aggregation providers that the City of Marion has contracted with?

Electric - Dynegy is the current provider through the end of May, at which point all electric aggregation participants will migrate back to Ohio Edison.

Natural Gas - Due to the turbulent energy market, all natural gas aggregation participants are being returned to Columbia Gas of Ohio.

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