City Land Bank Sale set for Tuesday, October 16

On Tuesday the 16th day of October, 2018 at 10:30 a.m. the Marion Land Bank Program will sell the following parcels of real property:

The following are available for Auction for the following minimum bids:
980 Bryant $ 300.00 min. bid
578 Decatur $ 300.00 min. bid
820 Bennett $ 300.00 min. bid
334 Fies $ 300.00 min. bid
356 Commercial $ 300.00 min. bid
438 Lee $ 300.00 min. bid
194 Edwards $ 300.00 min. bid
144 Carhart $ 300.00 min. bid
1022 Bennett $ 300.00 min. bid
274 Patton St. $ 300.00 min. bid
134-136 N Vine $ 300.00 min. bid
469 Park Blvd. $ 300.00 min. bid
136 E. Mark St. $ 300.00 min. bid
326 Park Blvd. $ 300.00 min. bid
257 Waterloo $ 300.00 min. bid
835 York St. $ 300.00 min. bid
232 Oak St. $ 300.00 min. bid
364 Milburn $ 300.00 min. bid
415 - 415-1/2 Mary St. $ 300.00 min. bid


The sale will take place in the lobby of Marion City Hall.  Pursuant to the adopted Disposition Guidelines those properties shall not sell for less than the fair market value which is defined in said Guidelines as 67% of the Marion County Auditor's true value for the lot value.  Second sales will be at a determined fair market value by competitive bid. No sale will be made to a transferee that has a property which is tax delinquent in Marion County, Ohio or any other Guidline prohibition as is contained within the Residential Land Transfer Policies. (Guidelines 7/21/09) 

The Marion Land Bank was created by an act of City Council in 2008 in order to address the non-productive lands and work to putting these nuisance properties back to productive use for the benefit of Marion’s neighborhoods.

The successful offer will be required to execute the Land Bank Offer to Purchase Agreement on the date of the sale and will be required to pay the successful bid amount in the form of an escrow payment on the same date to the City of Marion, Ohio.  The information contained above and related hereto is believed to be true, but is not a warranty of its accuracy.  Participants are urged to complete their own due diligence and are advised neither the City of Marion, Ohio or its agents make any assurance whatsoever and buyer assumes full and absolute risk associated with the transaction.


City Safety Director Tom Robbins - 740-387-5865
Law Director Mark Russell - 740-387-4956