Yard Waste Collection for 2020 Set to Begin on May 4

The City of Marion is announcing that weekly curbside yard waste collection for the 2020 collection season will begin on Monday, May 4, 2020. 

Due to the delay in the start of this year’s yard waste program, the City is asking that residents be patient with its crews as they catch up on the collection of yard waste bags that have been and will be set out for collection.  Once crews have caught up with the back log, yard waste collection will move to its normal schedule with pick-up occurring on the day following each resident’s regular trash collection day (example: Friday trash pick-up - Monday yard waste pick-up).  Note: Residents with an excessive delinquent sanitation and sewer account balance are not eligible for curbside pick-up of yard waste.

At this time, crews will collect all yard waste bags that residents have set out for collection.  However, once crews have caught up with the back log from the delay in the start of this seasons program, the City will return to its limit of 3 bags and/or 3 bundles of limbs/branches that will be collected from each residence per week during the 2020 yard waste season.  Branches must be tied in bundles no larger than 2 feet in diameter and 5 feet in length.  As in the past, the City will not collect grass clippings as yard waste material at curbside.

Residents are encouraged to drop off grass clippings and yard waste materials, free of charge, to Outdoor Resource Supply (formerly Park Enterprise), which is located at 560 Barks Rd. W. (between S. Prospect St./Rt. 4 S. and the Barks Rd. overpass).  Requirements for grass and yard waste drop off are:

  1. Must stop at office or other designated location where verification of City residency (i.e. license, utility bill, etc.) may be required.
  2. Items being dropped off must be weighed by Outdoor Resource Supply employee before materials are discarded.
  3. Residents using plastic bags are required to remove waste from bags and then discard of plastic bags properly.  Biodegradable paper bags are available at most local retail stores.

Also, note that the City of Marion is not responsible for the collection and/or disposal of trees or large amounts of brush cut and/or removed from personal property.  These items may be taken, FREE OF CHARGE for all city residents, to Outdoor Resource Supply (560 Barks Rd. W.) for disposal.

Call Outdoor Resource Supply at 740-223-7275 for additional information on acceptance program or for hours of operation. 


Additional Information:  City Sanitation and Streets Department  740-382-1479