Lincoln Park Family Aquatic Center General Rules

By purchasing a membership or paying the daily admission fee, you are agreeing to follow the rules that have been established for the safety and enjoyment of all patrons. Additional Rules may apply and are subject to change without notice.

Everyone who enters the Aquatic Center must pay the appropriate fee or present an authorized season pass, regardless of his or her intention to swim. Please shower before entering the pool.

Children 11 years and younger must be under the direct care and supervision of a parent of other responsible person of the age of 16 years or older. Persons 16 years old can only be responsible for no more than 3 children under the age of 12. Only children age 5 and under are permitted in the baby pool, a responsible adult must supervise their children at all times.

The City of Marion is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged property or clothing.

Smoking and tobacco use is not permitted on any City owned property. This includes the Aquatic Center, parking lots, and the entire park. The Aquatic Center and Park is a tobacco, alcohol and drug free zone. Persons under the influence of alcohol/drugs will not be admitted into the facility.

Outside food, beverages and chewing gum are not permitted inside the facility, with the exception of baby food/drinks and water. We have a full-service concession stand for food and drinks. You may bring a washable personal water bottle; staff may ask to examine contents. You may exit the Aquatic Center to picnic within Lincoln Park and re-enter with a stamp. LPAC reserves the right to search one’s property upon entrance to the facility.

Proper swim attire is required; this is defined as a bathing or swimming suit. Street clothes may not be worn in the water, shorts (including basketball shorts), cut-offs and thongs are not permitted. Swimsuits with zippers or sharp ornamentation or jewelry will not be allowed on slides or in tubes. Absolutely no disposable diapers are allowed, swim diapers are required. Do not change diapers at poolside or on chairs, use the baby changing tables provided in each of the restrooms.

Flotation Devices: only Coast Guard approved flotation devices are permitted. Because water wings, baby seat floaters, blow up rafts and noodles provide a “false sense of security” they are not permitted to be used to worn in the facility. Anyone wearing a life vest must be within arm’s reach of an adult at all times. Children 5 & under MUST have an adult (18 & over) within arm’s reach of them at all times.

Health and safety: For the protection of all patrons, please do not bring sick children to the pool until they are symptom free for at least 24 hours, this includes anyone that has had diarrhea as you may still be contagious. Please notify staff immediately if you or your child has an accident in the water or on the pool deck, and do not try to clean it up yourself, we have a protocol to handle such situations per the Health Department regulations. For additional information please go to Any person having an infectious disease or open sores will be refused admission.

Deck Chairs, a limited amount of deck chairs are provided for adult use only. Chairs are to be used by one adult only and must remain in designated areas. You cannot “save” an empty chair for someone that has not arrived at LPAC yet.

Rest Breaks are scheduled every hour for 15 minutes. Children 17 and younger must exit the water. Children ages 3 and younger may remain in the water with an adult, please be conscious of how important bathroom breaks are for everyone.

No cell phones, cameras or recording devises are permitted in the bathroom facilities. Those caught violating this policy will be asked to leave and membership will be revoked.

This is a family facility; no weapons, profanity, horseplay, fighting, running or public display of affection. Tattoos viewed to be offensive must be covered.

Anticipated Seasonal Hours; The Aquatic Center is tentatively scheduled to be open on weekends starting Memorial Day Weekend, with the full-time schedule following the Marion City Schools summer break.  **Actual opening and closing dates, as well as operating hours, will be subject to change, based on weather conditions, staff availability, and other unforeseen circumstances** 



Lazy River Rules: Everyone must be on a tube or with a tube. If a child has a life jacket on, they must be with an adult. Please return the tube by carrying it up the steps to the attendant at the end of your turn.

Play Structure Safety Rules: Patrons must be 11 or under to be on play structure. Only one child permitted at a time on a slide. No stopping on the inside of the slide, no climbing up or on slides. Users must wait until the landing area is clear before entering the slide.

Racing Slide: No extra clothes are to be worn on the slides, IF a t-shirt must be worn, please remove it at the top of the slide and hold in your arms while riding, this is for your safety. No one wearing a life jacket is permitted on the slide. If under 48 inches tall, a swim test must be passed before being allowed to go down the slide. Swim tests are given during rest periods, please check with a head guard.

Family Slide: Anyone may go down the family slide; if a child has a life jacket on; a parent must ride down with them or be waiting in the water at the bottom of the slide for them.

Diving Board Rules: Everyone must go off frontwards. NO t-shirts or extra clothing are permitted in the deep end. No one with a lifejacket on is permitted to go off the diving boards. If under 48 inches tall, a swim test is required. Lifeguards have the authority to ask anyone to take a break that appears to be tiring or struggling.