RFP for South Greenwood Street Sewer Improvements

The City of Marion is requesting proposals for South Greenwood Street Sewer Improvements. South Greenwood Street will be reconstructed from approximately 400' south of Mt. Vernon Ave. to 400' north of Mt. Vernon Ave. The reconstruction will include the following improvements:

  1. The roadway will be widened (if necessary) to a minimum of 32 feet (edge of pavement to edge of pavement) and curb and gutters will be added.
  2. The storm and sanitary sewers will be replaced and storm and sanitary laterals will be installed to the right of way and connected or plugged for each property.
  3. All existing driveway approaches will be replaced within the right of way.
  4. Sidewalks will be provided or replaced on both sides of the street for the entire length of the project.
  5. The roadway reconstruction will include new asphalt pavement and thermoplastic pavement markings.
  6. No additional right of way is anticipated at this time.

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An addendum has been issued for the S. Greenwood St. Sewer Improvement Project.

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