Bus Fares

Demand Bus Service Fare
Same Day, Curb-to-Curb Service
Adults - $1.25
All Other* - $0.60 (includes students at all levels)
Children under 5 - Free

Enhanced Bus Service – Inside City Limits
Door-to-Door – No Transfer – By Appointment Only
Adults - $2.50
All Others* - $1.25

Enhanced Service Fares – Outside City Limits
Adults - $3.75
All Others* - $1.85

5 Miles from City Limits
Adults - $6.25
All Others* - $3.10

Monthly Passes
Adults - $30.00
All Others* - $15.00
Book of Tickets
Adults - $25.00
All Others* - $12.00
Monthly passes and tickets books available in Transit Office.

Service Area: Within the Marion City limits. City limits include the following areas: North – Marion Williamsport Rd.; South – Southland Mall area; East – Meijer Square area; and West – Campbell Rd.

Reduced Fares
The required forms are available in the Transit Office upon request. Please complete entire form. Attach a copy of any required documentation to show proof of eligibility. Then return the forms to the Transit Office. They must be approved by the MAT Administrator. A card will be issued to the person receiving the reduced fare and must be shown to the driver upon boarding the bus.

Children under 9 years old must be accompanied by an adult.

Children under 5 years old ride free when accompanied by an adult.

*Others refers to Students, Disabled, and Senior Citizens (with a MAT ID card)