Parcels of Property Available for Sale

As of 06/27/2019, the following parcels of real property are available for purchase from the Land Bank Program (City of Marion):

The following properties are available at the following minimum bids:
980 Bryant  $  300.00 min bid       578   Decatur $  300.00 min bid
820 Bennett $  300.00 min bid   415  415 1/2 Mary St. $  300.00 min bid
334 Fies $  300.00 min bid   356 Commercial $  300.00 min bid
144 Carhart St. $  300.00 min bid   274 Patton St. $  300.00 min bid
134 -136 N Vine $  300.00 min bid   469 Park Blvd. $  300.00 min bid
136  E. Mark St. $  300.00 min bid    326  Park Blvd $  300.00 min bid
835 York St. $  300.00 min bid   232 Oak St. $  300.00 min. bid
364  Milburn $  300.00 min bid      

Any party interested in a property(ies) listed above may submit an offer through sealed bid to the Office of the Safety Director.   The party shall place in a sealed envelope the sum they are willing to purchase the aforementioned lot for and deliver said envelope to the Office of the Safety Director located on the 3rd floor of Marion City Hall at any time.  The envelope must be sealed and contain on the outside in clear legible text the property address for which the bid is made.  The envelope must contain only one (1) bid per envelope.  The enclosed writing shall contain the amount of the bid, the submitter’s printed name, address and contact telephone number.  The highest bidder will be required to execute the City’s purchase contract within 5 days of the receipt of the first received bid.


City Safety Director Tom Robbins - 740-387-5865       Law Director Mark Russell - 740-387-4956