City of Marion Mosquito Control

The City of Marion, Mosquito Control Program objectives are to reduce the population of nuisance mosquitoes and to reduce the potential of diseases transmitted by mosquitoes.

Public Education could become our greatest tool, for reducing the sites that breed mosquitoes.  Anything around the home or neighborhood that holds water, can become breeding sites.  Many common things are overlooked, such as toys; plastic containers; flower pots; tires; buckets; wheelbarrows; birdbaths; unused plastic pools; ornamental pools; and clogged roof gutters.  If overlooked, roof gutters could produce millions of mosquitoes each year.  A plastic bucket could produce hundreds of mosquitoes each week.  Removing or emptying containers that hold water, can make a big difference.

Standing water sources, found on city-owned land, may be treated with a Larvicide, if the water cannot be removed.  Larvicide kills the immature mosquitoes.

Fogging is done when needed, targeting problem areas having a high population of adult mosquitoes.

The Marion City Health Department has been contracting the mosquito fogging, during the past several years.  The City of Marion has recently purchased a ULV Mosquito Fogger, and began fogging in 2010.  The Parks Department will be spot spraying problem areas, again this year.

Mosquito fogging is done between dusk and dawn.  Fogging cannot be done if it is raining, if wind speeds exceed 10 miles per hour, or if the temperatures are above 85degrees or below 50 degrees.  If fogging activities are cancelled due to weather conditions, they will usually be rescheduled for the following weekday evening.  While the chemicals used are not considered harmful to humans and pets, people with breathing difficulties are advised to keep their windows and doors closed.

During fogging operations, please:

  • Keep children away from the fogging vehicle.
  • Do not follow within 200 feet of the fogging vehicle.
  • Go inside and remain indoors while the fogging vehicle is in the neighborhood.

You may contact the Marion Parks Department for more information by calling 740-387-5370.