City of Marion Parks Rules and Regulations

The Board of Park Commissioners of the City of Marion, Ohio have established the following rules and regulations for the use, management, and control of parks, picnic areas, playgrounds, ball fields, and open spaces within the City of Marion.

  1. The following parks are open from 6 AM until midnight: McKinley Park; Garfield Park; Lincoln Park; Kennedy Park; Sawyer-Ludwig Park; Martin Luther King Park; Busby Park; and Founders Park.  The remainder of the city parks and playgrounds are restricted to daylight hours, 1/2 hour after sunset and 1/2 hour before sunrise, except in an emergency.

    Any city park, section or part of any city park may be closed to the public by the Parks Superintendent, Safety Director, or Service Director as reasonably necessary.

  2. Pets are only permitted in city parks on a leash, and must be controlled at all times.  Pet owners are responsible for cleaning up after their pet.  When visiting the Kauffman Dog Park, follow the dog park rules, listed on the signboard at the entrance to the dog park.
  3. All trash or garbage shall be deposited in receptacles provided for such purpose.  No materials can be brought into or dumped in any city park, except trash created from normal park use.
  4. There are no alcoholic beverages allowed in the city parks, with the exception of the Downtown Parks, with the City of Marion’s approval of the appropriate permits.
  5. No tobacco products are permitted to be used in any city park.
  6. There is no parking or driving on the grass permitted in any city parks, unless directed to do so, as part of a city approved event.
  7. A Special Event Permit must be completed for any event: expecting more than 100 people; that has music or other entertainment; or that holds a public meeting or gathering in any city park.
  8. Small fires for cooking purposes must be in park grills or private grills, and must be properly extinguished by the person or persons who started the same, before leaving the vicinity of the fire.  Wood fueled fires are not permitted.
  9. No one shall release any domestic or wild animal or plant in any city park.
  10. No person shall remove, destroy, break or deface in any manner, any structure, monument, statue, fountain, wall, fence, railing, vehicle, bench, tree, plant, or other property in any park.
  11. Metal detectors may be permitted in some city parks.  Contact the Parks Office.