About Us

About the Senior Center

The Marion Senior Center is a community facility in which older persons can meet one another to fulfill many of their social, physical, and emotional needs. It is the focal point for the delivery of services to, and by, older adults. Center programs and activities help older persons enhance their dignity, support their independence, and encourage community involvement.

Marion Senior Center Staff

Director: Steve Badertscher
Bookkeeper: Jackie King
Activity Coordinator: Lisa Richardson
Social Services Coordinator: Cindy Jennings
Maintenance/Custodian: Jay Yarger
Homemaker/Shopper: Edie Steffan
  Monica Addy
Transportation Coordinator:       Barb Arms
  Kathy Conley
Drivers: William Bess
  Chuck Blankenship
  Debra Coble
  Dick Gorenflo
  Steve Longberry
  Randy Moore
  Ken Norris
  Debra Page
  John Probst
  Steve Walton
  Bill White


Board of Trustees for 2020

President: Steve Renick
Vice President: Terri Malone
Secretary: Nancy Whitaker
Corresponding Secretary: Mary Martin
Treasurer: Barb Klee
Trustees: Jerry Webber
  Frank Isaacs
  Dr. Len Janchar
  Kathy Sherman
  Gabe Vaflor
  Becky Yannitell