City Planning Commission Meeting

Event Date: 
Tue, 07/09/2024 - 6:30pm

Meeting Location:  City Hall - Courtroom I (2nd Floor)

Time:  6:30 pm


Roll Call

Summary of Proceedings

Organizational Issues:

  • Election of Chair and Vice Chair (if members agreeable)
  • Introduction of New Members:  1st Ward, 3rd Ward, 6th Ward 

Old Business:

Item 1.  Nazarene Church Alley Vacation (2)

  • Preliminary notices mailed to adjoining/abutting property owners
  • Legal Ad and Certified Mailing will be run once City Council Public Hearing is scheduled
  • Application:  Applicant (^nL ^V» ^^ C^^ ^ f^_240611165900.pdf
  • Staff report pending upload

Other Business

Item 1.  (EXPECTED)  REQUEST FOR RECONSIDERATION (motion would need to come from one of three members who voted in the affirmative; anyone can second)

  • 127 West Church Street – BZA Action
    • staff report 127 W CHURCH.pdf
    • See Minutes of 05/14/2024 and 06/04/2024
    • Video:
    • Commission was unable to advise applicant of options for appeal process on 06/04/2024
    • Applicant has been advised of formal appeal process through Common Pleas Court on 06/05/2024
    • Law Director has given verbal opinion that there could be a request for reconsideration; 07/09/2024 is first meeting since applicant/commission has been advised of that option


Next meeting:Tuesday, August 13, 2024 at 6:30 PM – Fahey Bank alley vacation request (copies will be available 07/09/2024