Sanitation Rules and Regulations

Municipal collection of 1) domestic refuse, rubbish and household trash (regular refuse), 2) recyclables, and 3) garden and yard waste.

Collection Schedule

  1. Collections will be scheduled on a regular basis for domestic waste.
  2. No collection shall occur on Sundays or holidays except in a time of emergency.
  3. Collections missed due to holidays will be made on the next scheduled collection day.
  4. Materials to be collected must be placed at curbside (generally in the tree lawn area) BY 7:00 A.M. on the scheduled collection day.
  5. Materials to be collected are not to be placed at curbside more than twelve hours (12 hrs) prior to the scheduled collection day.
  6. If collection is missed, it must be reported no later than 3:00 p.m. the day of collection in order for pick-up to occur the same week.

Collection Requirements

  1. Collection of domestic refuse, recyclables, garden, and yard waste will be at curbside or right of way.
  2. Biological waste (i.e. body fluids-urine/human waste, dead animals) will not be accepted with the collection of refuse at curbside.
  3. Regular refuse, recyclables, yard/garden waste are not to be co-mingled.
  4. Regular refuse must be placed in rigid water and vermin proof containers with securable lids or in 3-ply plastic bags.
  5. It is recommended that regular refuse containers have a capacity between twenty gallons (20 gal.) and thirty-two gallons (32 gal.) AND SHALL HAVE NO LOOSE TRASH.  Larger containers are acceptable, but refuse must be contained in smaller individual bags.
  6. Single filled refuse containers weight limit is fifty pounds (50 lbs.).
  7. The number of cans per weekly pick-up is limited to six (6) per resident unit.  Excessive amounts will be subject to additional charges.  Residents with larger pick-ups must follow procedures noted under Special #2.
  8. Cardboard must be broken down and tied no longer than 5 feet long.
  9. Paint is not accepted with regular garbage unless it is totally dried up or filled with sand.  Materials classified as hazardous waste will not be accepted and are managed through DKMM Solid Waste on a periodic basis.
  10. Animal waste and/or disposable diapers must be wrapped such that they are undetectable by odor.
  11. Discarded rugs, carpet, and/or padding must be cut into five foot (5’) lengths, rolled, and taped or tied with a maximum diameter of twelve inches (12”) and weighing no more than fifty pounds (50 lbs.). Free from moisture and will follow procedures noted under Special #2.  Residents are encouraged to be mindful of weather conditions when placing discarded material for pick-up. 
  12. Needles and other sharp objects must be placed in protective “sharps container” or coffee can with lids in order to be accepted.
  13. Recyclables must be placed in rigid receptacles provided by the City.
  14. Garden and yard waste, excluding grass clippings, must be placed in clearly identifiable biodegradable paper bags, loose in garbage cans, or boxes.
  15. Brush and tree trimmings cut to five foot (5’) lengths (maximum), bundled no larger than twenty-four inches (24”) in diameter, and weighing no more than fifty pounds (50 lbs.) will be collected on a variable schedule during warm weather months.
  16. Large auto parts, auto heads, auto bodies, auto batteries, engine parts, and tires will not be accepted.
  17. Undelivered newspapers must be placed in recycling containers.
  18. All refuse containers must be retrieved from the curbside, tree lawn, or right of way within thirty-six hours (36 hrs.) of collection.


  1. Backdoor collection service will be provided for residents disabled due to age or infirmity.
  2. Collection of large appliances and/or furniture will be treated as a special pickup.  Mattresses and furniture will be free from moisture.  Collection is subject to additional fees (not included in the basic collection rate) as determined by the Service Director or his authorized representative.
  3. Unusually large amounts of common trash will require a special pick-up and an additional charge will apply.
  4. A free drop off site, primarily intended for grass clippings, but is also open for other yard and garden waste, is located at 560 Barks Rd. W. (Park Enterprises) and is available for city residents.  Hours of operation vary.  Residents may call 740-223-7275 to verify business hours.  While there is no charge for city residents; proof of city residency may be required.  Residents are encouraged to take large amounts of yard waste directly to the drop-off site due to the variable curbside pick-up schedule.
  5. Demolition/construction materials requires a special pick up with an additional charge. 
  6. Fall Leaf and Christmas tree collections will take place on a seasonal basis throughout the City.


City Sanitation and Streets Department:     (740) 382-1479